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We offer extensive exclusive academic editing and improvement services in terms of

Undertaking a new assignment- where only information about the topic is furnished and the document is made ready.

Revamping- where additions and deletions are incorporated to make an existing document more suitable  for the intended purpose

Editing/formatting- Where only proof reading related to   grammar, plagiarism and documentation standardization are undertaken.

 You can be assured that your work will be delivered by us and submitted by you flawlessly. The assignments worked upon are thoroughly reviewed by our professional writers.

Undertaking a new assignment
Our work is not entirely machine oriented when it comes to drafting and delivering a document. Our professional writers will give you no reason to falter. Your document will go through several stages before it is finally submitted to you.

Once the topic is given to us a detailed research is undertaken.  The gathered information is then drafted which is subjected to a series of reviews in terms of scope of the project and adherence to subject matter before the  submission of the final material.

Your content is made succinct where ever required and comprehensive whenever necessary.
Paragraphs are incorporated for every shift in the logical thought processes to ensure that one of the basic and vital aspects of writing is well integrated.
Technically advanced and contemporary verbiage is used to furnish a well structured document
A lucid flow of thoughts and a strong emphasis on certain views (which may be essential) the necessary pre requisites for your project will all be included.

The above stated requirements along with other essential criteria will be blended accordingly to best suite your requirement and help you cut an edge above the others.


Our researchers get the source information from

Your project/assignment requirements
The scheduled meetings with you
Our existing knowledge of your topic
Prior-research documents if applicable

Usually we begin with a detailed reading of your topic in relation to its objective. In the process we generate notes that form the basis for the meetings to be conducted with you which helps us commence our writing.

Once we have thoroughly understood your requirement, we begin


 During the writing process the complete focus is on clear organization, accuracy, and completeness. We write using industry-standard and terms so that it is easily understood. The most robust, cross-platform software tools for writing, illustration, and page layout are incorporated and these are widely used throughout industry. Once the writing is complete, editing is done to improve clarity and comprehensibility.
Two drafts are typically prepared

Rough Draft
Final Draft

 Before delivering the final document all the reviewed drafts are fully formatted. Once we receive our senior researchers’ comments on the draft Version, they are incorporated accordingly. Likewise, changes are also incorporated to your draft Version 2 if any. The final document is then delivered

The final document is delivered in the format suitable to you .We can create PDF, HTML, hardcopy (camera-ready) and other formats.

Another scenario is when students receive comments from tutors on how to improve their work. They may find this difficult to work upon. Assistance is offered to you in this field as well. Our writers are experts in amending and writing documents. All that needs to be done is fill in a form and attach the assignment along with your tutor’s comments.

But do make it a point to tell your tutor what grade you are aspiring for while asking for the comments (e.g. 2:1 or 1st) as comments will be different for different grades.

 Our managers and writers are specialists in their field of work and are equipped in creating and delivering first class work.

Your subject knowledge will be further enhanced by the knowledge of your writer/assessor.

 “Two heads are better that one” is quoted often and now you can seek and utilize  expert service for  your subject review by incorporating  professional ideas and make your dream of scoring well a reality.

We Proof read your documents to the point of precision.

Spell check for instance, is one of the most important options to ensure an error free document but may not always be a boon. It does not recognize certain unintentional errors which may otherwise prove to be very detrimental.

ExampleA simple a difference between “their” and “there” in a sentence.

Such instances also can be avoided by availing our expert services. Our documentation services will assist and guide you in delivering written material devoid of any shortcomings in terms of

Documentation standards

Our editors will ensure that your written material is aptly structured to meet the objective and increase your grade to the next level.

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